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Seven Reasons To Consider a Second Opinion About Your Hysterectomy

Many times, we don't always like the advice we get, even if we asked for it. If your doctor is suggesting you have a hysterectomy due to any number of health reasons, you're likely to second-guess his recommendation. What are you going to do then?

Do you do as he/she suggests and get the hysterectomy or do you get a second opinion from another doctor who will either concur with the first physician or disagree with the recommended diagnosis and treatment?

Keep in mind that hysterectomies are performed on over 500,000 women each year in the United States. The reasons for those hysterectomies include removal of cancer cells, removal of fibroids, endometriosis and bleeding. If you've been diagnosed with something and don't feel comfortable with that diagnosis, it's time to get that second opinion.

How do you go about getting your second opinion for a hysterectomy? Here are seven things you need to do.

Step One - Speak Up About Wanting A Second Opinion

Never do something you don't feel comfortable doin,g especially when it comes to your health. Speak with your doctor about how you feel and tell him/her that you'd like to get a second opinion before proceeding with the hysterectomy. After all, it's a permanent procedure.

Step Two - Quick Second Opinions

When you need a quick second opinion, it is not unreasonable to ask for an appointment within 24 hours. Make sure that the doctor you are requesting to see understands the urgency behind your request.

Step Three - Educating Yourself

It's imperative that you learn about alternative treatments for conditions that are not considered life threatening such as fibroids.

Step Four - Getting The Okay For a Second Opinion

If you have a medical insurance provider, be sure you get the okay from them to see a second doctor about the condition. Most insurance companies understand the urgency behind a second opinion, but some may add stipulations to your policy. Always check and make sure before getting stuck with a bill that you may not be able to pay for.

Your insurance company may request documentation before it pays its portion of the bill, so be sure that you follow the right steps to get this done.

Step Five - Other Therapy Besides A Hysterectomy

Sometimes you don't need a hysterectomy to cure a condition. Consider making changes in your diet, starting a drug regimen or having a less invasive operation to be rid of your condition. Sometimes your age alone could be the culprit behind a condition so keep this in mind.

Step Six - Look For Support Groups

Many times a hysterectomy support group will have names of doctors who can give you a second opinion. These groups often have the information broken down into specialties.

Step Seven - Look For A Doctor Outside Your Doctor's Office or Association

You certainly don't need to see a doctor who works in the same office as your current physician for a second opinion. Be sure to find a doctor who will have a diverse opinion before you commence with the surgery.

Three Things To Keep In Mind About Second Opinions

First, your insurance provider may require an authorization before they will pay for the second opinion doctor.

Second, if you get a second opinion from an alternative health professional, your insurance carrier may not pay for it all.

Third, if you feel like your doctor is constantly doing hysterectomies, consider a second opinion from a doctor who doesn't always consider hysterectomy as the first option.


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