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How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Hysterectomy?

It is important to understand that your hysterectomy procedure might take more time to heal than your best friend’s procedure. Why? Hysterectomy recoveries vary from one woman to another woman.

Why does this occur? There are actually three reasons for the different hysterectomy recovery times. Let's examine what they are.

Three Reasons Recovery Times Differ

First, each person heals differently from one another.

Second, the surgical procedure chosen, such as an abdominal hysterectomy or a vaginal laparoscopic assisted hysterectomy, can determine your recovery time.

Third, the reason for your surgery can have a big impact on how much time you need to recover. For instance, if you have uterine cancer, it is going to take more time to recover from the disease and the surgery.

Hysterectomy Procedure Example

Here is an example of a hysterectomy procedure and the time it takes to recover from the surgery:

A woman is said to need to have some of her uterus removed. She and her doctor decide to go with a vaginal laparoscopic assisted hysterectomy to remove the uterus. Any bleeding that occurs can easily be dealt with through this method rather than the open abdominal hysterectomy procedure.

Remember that any procedure that involves abdominal cuts will be harder on the body, although it’s often used for uterine and ovarian cancers. The woman who undergoes this procedure is likely to suffer from exhaustion, pain, physical stress and significant emotional stress.

Typical Recovery Times For Hysterectomy Patients

It's imperative to understand that a hysterectomy is an in-patient procedure. That means you will need to spend a few nights in the hospital. Most women are released from the hospital around the second or third day after the surgery.

When you are sent home, your doctor will send home a prescription for painkillers to be taken in case you are suffering. Be sure you take it as needed and do as he/she suggests.

Recovery Time For Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Patients

A majority of laparoscopic patients can get back to work and other activities within two weeks of the surgery. Some people may want to take it easy and should not lift anything heavy, even when their surgeon clears them.

Recovery Time For Abdominal Hysterectomy Patients

Women who have to endure an open hysterectomy procedure usually take at least six weeks to heal. If there are any complications, their surgeon may suggest an additional two to four weeks of recovery. The majority of abdominal hysterectomy patients are almost fully healed by eight weeks after the surgery.

It's important to note that abdominal hysterectomy patients should not lift anything heavy (10 pounds or more) for about six weeks following surgery, or until cleared by the doctor.

What Hysterectomy Patients Should Not Do

Regardless of what surgery was performed, there are some things that you should not do until you get the okay from your physician. What are they?

First, do not soak in bathtubs or swimming pools. And second, do not go swimming in the pool.

When To Call Your Physician

It is not uncommon to experience discharge after your hysterectomy. Keep a handful of sanitary pads nearby to help you. However, if there is an unusual amount of bleeding and/or pus, you need to call your doctor immediately.

When Is It Safe To Have Sex

A majority of women are able to have sex after six to eight weeks of healing time. However, your surgeon will give you their opinion of when they believe you can safely have sexual intercourse once more.


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