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Endometriosis and Hysterectomy: What You Need To Know

When a woman has endometriosis, she may be quick to think that a hysterectomy is her only option to be rid of the disease. Many doctors will advise their patients that have a severe case of endometriosis to have a total hysterectomy. They are often given hope that a hysterectomy will rid them of the symptoms and pains that are associated with the disease.

Yet, there is something that each women need to be aware of. This is false hope, as a hysterectomy does not get rid of the endometriosis. Why?

Why The Hysterectomy Surgery Doesn't Work

There is always the chance that the some of the cells are left behind even after a woman has her uterus removed. Keep in mind that the pelvic cavity is a great place to find endometriosis so removing the woman's ovaries and uterus can still leave some of the cells in the body.

A majority of surgeons will try to remove the endometriosis that's usually scattered about in the pelvic cavity along with removing the woman's reproductive organs. Despite removing all of this, surgeons will accidentally leave hidden endometriosis cells behind.

Lack of Knowledge About Endometriosis

Women in their twenties may not understand the full extent of a hysterectomy and endometriosis. They may believe that the only way to remove the endometriosis is to get rid of their reproductive organs. It's a hope of being rid of the pain and discomfort that leaves them to consider this as their only option.

It's quite doubtful that they understand that endometriosis can occur even after a hysterectomy. They also may not understand the other medical issue that tend occur with a hysterectomy. What is the medical issue?

A Medical Issue Associated With Hysterectomy

For starters, women who have a hysterectomy at such as an early age are thrown into early menopause. They must take hormone replacement therapy (synthetic hormones) for years so that the side effects can be handled accordingly.

Hormone replacement therapy can be seen as a culprit behind the reemergence of endometriosis. How so? Estrogen is a part of the hormone replacement therapy and this chemical feeds endometriosis.

Remember that hormone replacement therapy is needed after a woman has had a total hysterectomy; however, it gives the endometriosis a chance to reoccur. In other words, a hysterectomy, while it does seem like a good answer, is not the answer to cure the disease.

Since the procedure isn't a cure for the disease, why is it that the practice of total hysterectomies to cure it still goes on? The reason behind it is that surgeons will cut out the lesions and implants and will only do a total hysterectomy as a last resort. While there are other methods that can be used, doctors will often explain them away as to why they continue to advise women to have a total hysterectomy.

Remember that a hysterectomy is permanent procedure and it may not be the course of action that's best for endometriosis. It is not a guarantee to remove the disease from your body and many women can attest to this fact. What is the alternative to a total hysterectomy with endometriosis?

You should do the following things:

  • Maintain the reproductive function
  • Keep your natural body chemistry
  • Maintain balance in your body
  • Keep your body whole


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